My Travels

- Whitehaven 2004
- Sweden 2005-6
- Scotland 2006
- Prague 2006
- Vienna 2006
- Bratislava 2006


About Me
wikipedia.org - Your first port of call for anything worth knowing on the net, but particularly useful for travelling as you can find out information about your destination, and they even have their own global travel guide, Wikitravel.

Deutsche Bahn - German Railways' travel planner which allows you to plan any national or international European railway journey - including trains to Vladivostok! A definite must if you want to Rail it across Europe.

idos.cz - Multi-modal journey planner for journeys within Czech Republic. Includes rail, express coach and local transport (MHD = Mestská hromadná doprava = urban mass transit).

Lonely Planet - Travel guides and advice especially for the independent and independent-minded traveller.

Google Earth - The next best thing to travelling! 'Nuff said.

Google Maps - Online international mapping with Satellite Image overlay facility. The poor man's Google Earth.