My Travels

- Whitehaven 2004
- Sweden 2005-6
- Scotland 2006
- Prague 2006
- Vienna 2006
- Bratislava 2006


About Me
I entered this world on a snowy November morning in 1981, the only member of my immediate family to be born in England, or Europe for that matter. My inherent "foreignness" - and growing up in a household where each member was born on a different continent - has always made me feel like a global citizen. My surname is said to originate from the Danish saefrid meaning "calm sea", and being native to an island, I've always had a special relationship with the ocean. Sea air and fish 'n' chips work wonders for the soul, and even the humblest water-borne journey fills my imagination with romantic ideals of voyage and discovery.

Although travelling is not the only love of my life, it has been pretty well near number one from a very early age. I am reminded of (and can even recall) sitting on my grandfather's knee going through the pages of a London A-Z pointing out all the London Underground stations and exclaiming "busy page" where there were lots of them.

Wanderlust is an archaic German term describing the love of travelling, which is now firmly part of English vocabulary. Loosely interpreted, it is a fitting description of my personality and creativity beyond just travelling, as my mind is always wandering, hungry to accrue and develop new ideas. One such creative outlet is lunastation, a four-piece electronic music production collective of which I am a member.

Andrew Nicholas Saffrey 2005

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