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Žižkov television tower

The most obvious contrast to the classical archiceture is the Brave New World ideals represented by the Žižkov television tower in the east end of the city.

One of many similar observation towers in the former eastern bloc (cf. Berlin Fernsehturm; Moscow's Ostankino tower), it almost peers nosily over Prague like a secret police officer watching out for insubordinance.

Its aim may have been to show off the worthiness of communism, its architecture also embodies the spirit of the time: its resemblance to something from outerspace mirrors the Googie architecture of 1950s America.

Apart from its kooky and endearing exterior, what makes it even more worthwhile is going inside: the place is yours. You can enjoy your almost private sky-high viewpoint over Prague.

The supporting shafts of the tower are adorned with crawling babies, a work by Czech artist David Černý. "Miminka" ("Babies") perhaps reflects the city's rennaisance after the fall of ther iron curtain, and maybe a little bit of naieveté as new paths are forged.

Prague's playful creative character is present elsewhere in this city of art and artists.