To the end of the earth and back
A chronicle of a Viking adventure

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12:34:56Departure / Avresa






There is something very magical about travelling by ship. Okay, this was a ferry, but whatever you want to call it, even getting on the Shields Ferry gets me just a little bit excited. With the UK being an island, everywhere abroad is always overseas; so for me, getting on board a boat always makes me think I am going somewhere special.

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Sunset 1 Sunset 2 Tynemouth Priory Sunset 3

Not so much riding off into the sunset, as of course that would have to happen at the end of any story, but sailing away from the sunset! The third picture is of Tynemouth Priory.

The crossing to Gothenburg (Göteborg) takes 25 hours from Newcastle, which is by far the longest time I've spent on a ferry. I was preparing myself for a rather boring voyage, but sleeping for at least of a third of the way there and the reasonable on-board entertainment soon passed the time. However, if one suffers from insomnia, be warned nothing is open past midnight!

If you're into your oil rigs and can't get to sleep, an onboard map plots the positions of nearby oil rigs and the times at which they are visible. Other than that, if you are a night owl bring some good books!