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Gothenburg / Göteborg






If you arrive in Gothenburg by DFDS ferry, this is where you first set foot on Swedish 'soil' - the Friehamn terminal on the island of Hisingen. The Geology of Sweden is such that its coastline is peppered by many islands, one of which is Hisingen, which is part of Gothenburg itself. Hisingen is home to many of the newer port facilities as well as Gothenburg's second airport, Gothenburg City.

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Friehamn terminal, from Göteborgs Utkiken
The Friehamn terminal, Hisingen, taken from GöteborgsUtkiken

One of the first buildings that will catch your eye in Gotheburg is the GöteborgsUtkiken (Gothenburg Lookout), which is commonly known as "the lipstick building". This 1989 tower offers panoramic views across the city, and definitely a no.1 on your list if you like architecture and the built environment, as it gives you the chance to pick out buildings you may wish to take a close look at that you may not know are there. The following photos have all been taken from the observation deck of the tower.

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Observation window, GöteborgsUtkiken Nils Ericsson Terminalen & Nordstan Gotaälvsbron, looking towards Hisingen Ullevi stadium 
[L-R]: Observation window, GöteborgsUtkiken | Nils Ericsson Terminalen (left) & Norstan (right) | Gota river bridge, looking towards Hisingen | Ullevi stadium, home of IFK Göteborg

Nils Ericsson Terminalen (second picture above) is Gothenburg's main bus terminal for regional and long-distance services. A fine example of Swedish good practice in Transport Planning, it is situated adjacent to the Central Station and across the road from Nordstan, Sweden's largest shopping centre.

Gothenburg is known as Sweden's gateway to Europe, and is a very cosmopolitan city. During the city's emergence as a trading port, it became home to a large immigrant population, notably the Dutch and Scottish due to their connections with shipping and ship-building. The City's main technical University, Chalmers, owes its name to one such Scottish settler.

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Chalmers University Recycling facility, Chalmers University 
[L-R]: Chalmers University | Recycling facility at Chalmers

The second image above typifies the Swedish progressive attitude and attention to detail, which is why their designers are envied the world over.